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Address: Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center\nOur booth is located at: booth E8#T36.
Address: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 198, convention and Exhibition Road, Siming District, Xiamen) our booth is located at booth C1010. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition!
Address: Weifang Lutai Convention and Exhibition Center our booth is located at booth 1\t19, hall 1, first floor. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition!
Computer numerical control machinery combines power and precision. Mills and lathes can shape raw material to exact specifications by taking detailed instructions from computer programs. However, CNC machines contain many moving parts. When sharp blades at high speeds work with hard materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, those parts can wear down, compromising the integrity of the entire machine.
If you need professional CNC lathe machining services, there are several important factors to consider. For a precision finished product using CNC turning, it is to your advantage to use due diligence by researching several companies. That way, you can compare services and qualifications, thereby selecting the one that best matches your needs.
Custom CNC milling machines can produce a vast array of products. The machines typically follow steps based on digitized codes entered into a computer program by a trained operator. Due to milling is similar to drilling and cutting, it can achieve an impressive list of accomplishments. A rotating cylindrical tool cuts away material from the work piece, thereby creating a finished product to your specifications.
The ability to cut, shape, and form all kinds of raw materials into precise, functional, and unique products is a truly amazing accomplishment of modern engineering. But all the capability comes with a downside. When issues arise, the consequences can be disastrous due to the extreme accuracy and control demonstrated by CNC machines. For all their complexity and capabilities, CNC machines still require time and attention to prevent downtime and diminished productivity.
The health and well being of patients rely on the components and equipment used in the medical industry. CNC machining proved to be efficient in the medical field; therefore it is not a surprise why they are considered as standard.
The price on a new horizontal machining center (HMC) such as our TW and MBM series can be higher than vertical machining center like our TA, TE, and M-ONE series. Additional investments in computers, software, tool management systems and inspection equipment are also required for getting a new horizontal machining center to get the maximum return on investment.
There are certain technical terms that we use, however, do not know their exact meaning, or why are they used. There are so many technical terms associated with the specifications and capabilities of the CNC machining. Do you know the meaning of each and every term? While buying CNC machining service from a service provider, you must have heard or read some terms like accuracy, tolerance, precision, and so on.
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